Rock Climbing

There are currently two spots for rock climbing within the Mavrovo National Park, the Ribnicka Plaza area and the Great Mavrovo Cave. Dimitar, the owner of Ski Hut Gorica and Mavrovo Outdoors, is one of the founders of these climbing sectors and he bolted a big share of the routes. Thus, Ski Hut Gorica is the best base for starting your climbing adventure. We offer information and topos, as well as gear to rent, climbing guides, climbing sessions, courses and camps.


Hiking & Multi-day Trekking

The hiking potential in the region is vast and there are many hiking paths available already for you to enjoy the wild nature of the National Park. There are routes ranging from easy - moderate - difficult in length and fitness level. All of the established routes are non-technical, simple hikes but for the more off-beat routes and scrambling routes, we can offer you a guided tour with one of our guides. In general, at Ski Hut Gorica you will find information and GPS tracks for your self-guided tours, as well as mountain guided offers, for one day hikes or even multi-day trekking adventures.



Yoga is one of the activities unique to Ski Hut Gorica, as Cosima, one of the Ski Hut Gorica partners, is a certified Yoga teacher and offers classes on our beautiful platform up on the hill behind our house. Moreover, we offer Yoga integrated in a hike, in the form of some Asana-, Pranayama- and Meditation-practices. We invite you to do your own Yoga practice here at our hut or to join us for one of our Yoga related activities and retreats.


Ski touring & Split boarding

Yeah you heard right, the Mavrovo National Park region is absolutely amazing for ski touring and split boarding in winter. The terrains are vast and unexplored and we will surely be skiing some virgin lines here, as we are the only ones doing this in the region. Again here at Ski Hut Gorica we provide you with information and GPS tracks, as well as with offers for tours into the wild winter land. The tours range from easy - moderate - difficult, according to length, technicality, and fitness required. Check out the tab on Ski Touring and Ski Touring adventures to get some more info!

Ski Centre

Apart from the backcountry skiing possibilities here, you might be a beginner skier or snowboarder and not that into freeriding and touring. No problem! 7kms from our Hut you will find the Mavrovo ski resort which is especially perfect for beginner and intermediate skiers and snowboarders! In the Ski centre, they also provide a small course for Nordic skiing and a small snow park for the jump lovers among you.

Ski Mountaineering

For those of you who have a lot of experience in the winter in the mountains, who can identify avalanche danger and know how to navigate, rescue and move safely in the mountains, there are possibilities to engage in ski mountaineering as well. Especially the Korab mountain massif gives plenty of possibilities for skiing steep couloirs and exploring remote terrains. However, when it snows heavily in winter time, the Korab massif is difficult to reach by car and approach becomes rather lengthy and difficult. Contact us at Ski Hut Gorica and we will provide you with information!


In the forest behind our house we have put up two slacklines free to use for all our guests. Additionally, we know of some good spots to put up a slackline and enjoy a relaxed time in nature. You can simply try out the slackline or obsess over it, it is here for you to use!

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is one of the more popular activities during the summer period. There are several routes to choose from, ranging from beginner - intermediate - advanced in duration and difficulty. Many of the routes include a road or at least off-road section but surely you can also find the really off-beat routes to enjoy the wildest form of mountain biking. For this, we can help you to rent bikes from a bike rental right here in Mavrovi Anovi or from other locations around the lake. In addition, there are many offers for guided mountain biking tours and we cooperate with one of the best providers to guarantee a satisfying experience. Please let us know of your interest in mountain biking and we will help you to arrange for a bike rental or a guided tour.

4x4 off-road tours

At Ski Hut Gorica we offer off-road tours with jeep that will take you on the off-road paths through the Bistra highlands. One of our favourite tours is the sunset tour on Mt. Bistra, where we take you for an epic ride along the Bistra side from where one has a breathtaking view towards the West, the Korab mountain massif.

Swimming, kayaking & stand-up paddling

In the summer the Mavrovo lake is perfectly nice for water sports, such as swimming, kayaking and SUPing. It is not as clear as the Ohrid lake but it is safe and warm enough for swimming. Note here that the Mavrovo lake is artificial and with a drain in the middle of the lake, which is used to generate power. Hence, the water level varies greatly over time and the drainage can cause a swirl, so be cautious there! Kayaks and SUPs can be rented at two different locations around the lake and we can help you to arrange for this and to give you a lift there, if needed.
The Radika river has a short period in spring (around a month) when the water level is high enough to kayak. However, this is only for the advanced kayakers among you, who have experience with wild waters and know the self-rescue drills.


Paragliding is so far not that popular in Mavrovo, as there is another world-class spot located not far from here - Krusevo. Nevertheless, also in this region paragliding is offered as an activity and you can glide above the mountainous highlands around here. For this we recommend you to contact us upfront and to ask about the offer, as we can arrange it for you and put you in contact with the only provider who is currently offering paragliding within the National Park.


To ride on the back of a horse in a wild and vast environment is probably one of many people’s dreams and it is possible to do so in the Mavrovo National Park. This is indeed a very popular activity here and we can help you to get in contact with the provider and to reserve a spot on one of their excursions through the Bistra highlands.


Since this is a National Park, the fishing is indeed regulated and mostly reserved for the locals, especially in the Radika river. However, there are periods when also outsiders can go fishing in the lake or fly fishing in the Radika river. It is not really possible to rent gear for this but at Ski Hut Gorica we have two rods and, when you tell us in advance, we might be able to find a few more for you to use.


The Mavrovo National Park is full of wonderful herbs, mushrooms, berries and plants and it is our pleasure to share some of our gathered knowledge about the region’s magical supply of food and remedies. Especially Cosima is very interested in this topic and is reading and learning more and more, trying to identify more plants and hoping to be able to offer workshops and to include these plants in the active yoga retreats. At the moment we already are including them to some extent, as we are usually only using teas made from herbs and berries gathered in the region.

Wildlife watching

Wildlife watching is indeed another great adventure in the Mavrovo National Park, as it has big populations of brown bears, deers, wild boars, foxes, wolves, and other animals, among them the Balkan lynx (which is the ghost of the mountains). In this region it is very common for people to spot a brown bear, so keep this in mind when hiking the mountains by yourself.


Overall, the National Park is maybe not the place for sightseeing, as the city is. Nevertheless, there are actually quite some amazing points of interest for tourists, such as the Bigorski monastery (& the Rajcica female monastery), the Duf waterfall in Rostushe, the buildings in Kichinica or Janche village, and of course the beautiful Galicnik village, which is cut off in winters.

Spa Experience

Okay, so the Spa experience here in the region is not luxurious and not very special but after a long day in the mountains a (steam) sauna and whirlpool sound pretty amazing, right?! Around the lake we have two hotels that offer such a Spa area.
The highlight, however, is the Sulfur bath in the village of Banishte right outside of Debar! Our personal recommendation is to go there and relax in the hot and natural Sulfur baths.