Hiking Sites


1. Mavrovo National Park

Korab – Golem Korab (2764m), Mal Korab & the Korab Gate (2727m), Korab Falls (waterfall of 130m), …
Deshat – Velivar (2375m)
Krcin – Golem Krcin (2341m), Rudina (2238m), Crvna Ploca (2107m)
Bistra – Medenica (2163m), Shepards Trail (average of ), Kjurkov Dol (2110m)


2. & Surroundings

Stogovo Mountain – Stogovo (2318m), Golem Rid (2273m), Babin Srt (2240m)
Shar Mountains – Tito Vrv (2747m), Rudoka (2658m), Ljuboten (2499m)


3. Pelister National Park

Baba Mountain – Pelister (2601m), Stiv (2468m), …
1. https://www.discoveringmacedonia.com/2018/national-park-pelister-climbing-baba-mountain/
2. https://www.summitpost.org/pelister/153092


4. Galichica National Park

Galichica Mountain – Magaro (2255m)


Climbing Sites

1. http://www.climb-macedonia.com/
2. http://www.climb-europe.com/RockClimbingMacedonia.html


1. Mavrovo National Park

Mavrovo Cave
One locality, around 30 routes, single pitch and multi pitch, Grades 5c to 9a, 10 to 35m

1. http://www.climb-macedonia.com/Mavrovo
2. http://skimacedonia.mk/en/mavrovo-cave-climbing-sector/
3. http://skimacedonia.mk/en/climbing-epic-challenge-mavrovo-2015-2/

Ribnicka Plaza
One locality, around 7 routes, single pitch, Grades 5c to 6c/7a, up to 10m

(This sector is newly developed and perfect for beginners. So far, we have bolted around 7 routes ranging from 5c to 6c/7a. We will continue bolting around this crag, as well as open another sector close by with more difficult routes for advanced climbers.)


2. Around Skopje

One locality, around 40 routes, single pitch, Grades 5c+ to 8b+/8c, up to 30m

1. http://www.climb-macedonia.com/Kadina
2. https://www.thecrag.com/climbing/macedonia/area/1516236561

Several localities, over 200 routes, single and multi pitch (incl. trad), 5 sport-climbing sectors, Grades 5a to 8a, up to 160m



3. Ohrid (Galichica National Park)

Several localities, around 40 routes, single pitch, Grades 5a to 8c, between 10 to 50m

1. http://www.climb-macedonia.com/Ohrid
2. https://travelmacedonia.info/things-to-do/rock-climbing-in-macedonia
3. http://skimacedonia.mk/en/girls-climbing-camp-ohrid-ilina-arsova-art-adventure-ikar-hut/


4. Prespa

One locality, around 7 routes, single pitch, Grades 4c to 6a, up to 20m



5. Prilep

Bouldering! Grades from 5a to 8c+

1. http://www.climb-europe.com/Destination-Articles/Prilep-Bouldering.html
2. http://prilep-bouldering.com/
3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N6mb-VlY22o


6. Pelister National Park

One to two localities, around 9 routes, single pitch, Grades 4b to 6c, up to 15m


7. Demir Kapija

Several localities, more than 120 routes, single and multi pitch (incl. trad), 18 sectors, Grades 4 to 8c, up to 30m

1. http://www.climb-macedonia.com/demir-kapija
2. https://www.thecrag.com/climbing/macedonia/demir-kapija
3. https://www.campingmacedonia.com/tmp