Within the Hut life and working system we strive to be eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable as much as possible in order to have a smaller impact on our planet. In this manner, we use LED bulbs plus we try to turn the lights off whenever possible. We use gas instead of electricity for cooking. We use cotton bags for groceries. We reuse plastic bags as much as possible. We clean up litter in the National Park. We select our waste. We cultivate our own vegetable and herb garden and we compost natural foods. We forage herbs, nuts, berries and mushrooms in nature. We cook seasonal as much as possible and preserve food for the winter time.

If you find this inspirational, please help us with our cause by:

  • Turning off the lights if you see no one is using it;
  • Selecting your garbage (glas, burnable materials, natural compost);
  • Using only your own bed and sheets, hence not creating more laundry;
  • Reusing cups, plates, etc.;
  • Avoiding plastic by using cotton bags or your rucksack for the groceries;
  • Showering cold in summer - it is very healthy, joyful and refreshing;
  • Picking up other people’s garbage whenever and wherever you can;
  • Using public transportation;

As individuals we can only have a small impact on the erath but together we can make a bigger change – thank you!

Terrain Transport

We offer terrain transport services with terrain vehicles to the start and end point of the Mount (Golem) Korab hike, so you don't need to worry about the road or your vehicle depreciation. Just board our jeep, enjoy the drive and hike the day!


We can help you with every transportation advice or need that you have. Make sure to ask the staff!

Restaurants and reservations

Your satisfaction is our main goal. Please feel free to ask us for advice to recommend you a place, a local dish or to reserve a table for you.

ATM’s and Card Payment

There is one reliable ATM machine in Radika Hotel which is 14km away, on the other side of the Mavrovo lake. In case of urgency we can fetch you up for a small fee to cover our expenses. Other than that, almost everywhere in Mavrovo card payment is accepted, but not at our Hut!


The tap water in our Hut is perfectly safe to drink. It is very healthy, natural spring water that is coming down from the mountain top into a purifying station where it undergoes a non-chemical and natural treatment. The only time you might find traces of chlorine in the water is after a heavy rain.

GPS tracks and self-guided tours

Enjoy the unique opportunity to experience the vast Mavrovian nature under your own organisation. We are mountain guides who roam the National Park year around and so we can provide you with the best and most accurate information about the local trails. Even the National Park Info Point might send you up to us in order to get better info and GPS tracks. Simply gear up, download the gps that we give you and hit the trail. Whether on bike or by hike, make sure you update your information with us and ask for the GPS track or advice - we guarantee you a great experience!

Bike and Gear Rental

Are you looking for a bike adventure, a recovery day activity or a means for exploring the vast terrain of the Mavrovo National Park? A bike is a very convenient choice! We can provide you with a quality mountain bike of any category - intermediate to pro.

Public transportation, contacts, schedules and links

Mavrovo National Park and Mavrovi Anovi in particular are very well connected with the two big tourist hot spot cities , Skopje and Ohrid.
Once you land you can check the lines from the Skopje International Airport to the international bus station in Skopje city and vice-versa:

VARDAR-EXPRESS Skopje - Airport - Skopje Bus
(for detailed info about the stated stop points use GoogleMaps - copy/paste)

Once you are in Skopje, use the No.1 convenient shuttle bus to Mavrovi Anovi:

Skopje International Bus Station - Mavrovi Anovi

Time table:
Departure 9.30h - Arrival 11.30h
14.45h - 16.30h
Line: Mavrovi Anovi - Skopje International Bus Station

Time table
Departure: 7.30h - Arrival 9.00h
13.00h - 15.00h