Dear traveler(s),

We are Ski Hut Gorica: A mountain hut at 1300 masl elevation near the village Mavrovi Anovi (600 m) in the biggest National Park in the Republic of North Macedonia.
In the summer (April to November) as well as the winter (December to March) season, we aspire to accommodate the adventure and nature lovers among you, who want to spend a quality time with outdoor activities, culinary experiences as well as relaxation in the wild and beautiful Mavrovo National Park.


In our offer you can find:
  • Accommodation
  • Optional Breakfast, Dinner & BBQ
  • All-Inclusive Hiking Packages/Active Yoga Retreats/Climbing Camps/Ski Touring Adventures
  • Guided tours for hiking, multi-day trekking, rock climbing and ski touring
  • Yoga Classes
  • Event and Retreat Hosting

Our short-story:

Ski Hut Gorica was built by the owner, Dimitar Popov, in 2015 and is since running as a ski/mountain lodge. He and his partner, Cosima Meer (a German immigrant), are currently living in the Hut while renting it to outdoor enthusiasts who want to enjoy a marvelous time in the Mavrovo National Park. Dimitar is a mountain guide, climbing instructor and ski guide, while Cosima is a yoga teacher as well as a mountain leader. Both of us are big animal and nature lovers, as well as outdoor sports enthusiasts. In addition, we love to go foraging and use the herbs, nuts, berries and mushrooms in our natural and wholesome meals as well as in teas and as medicine. Moreover, Cosima is a home gardener in the permaculture and raised garden bed spirit. Dimitar is apart from a climbing instructor also a bolter who has, among others, largely developed the climbing routes in this area.

With these interests and our continuous quest to learn more, we want to offer our knowledge and learnings to the guests that come and stay with us.
In regard to the Mavrovo National Park, our vision is to make it a quality tourist destination for the nature and adventure tourists and to help develop this rural area for everyone to benefit, meanwhile preserving the nature and wildlife.

We are looking forward to meeting you here at Ski Hut Gorica in the beautiful nature of the Mavrovo National Park!

Hail from the mountains,

Ski Hut Gorica Crew