Ski Hut Gorica is a mountain lodge - guesthouse located on 1330 masl in the splendor of Mavrovo National Park. SH Gorica was established in 2016 as the first mountain adventures hub as well as outdoor tourism facility in the National Park Mavrovo. 

As a Ski Hut we are providing lodging, food and logistics for mountain enthusiasts and nature lovers as well as a spectrum of mountain guided tours.
Winter or summer Ski Hut Gorica is THE ultimate base camp to visit in a pursuit for mountain adventures such as rock climbing, ski touring, mountaineering, yoga and fishing.

Ski Hut Gorica was founded and established by Dimitar Popov in 2016, a long term climbing instructor and route setter who along with his climbing colleagues opened the first climbing routes in Mavrovo and he is a devoted patron for the rock climbing development in Mavrovo National Park. In addition to that, Dimitar is an all-round mountain guide - winter and summer, guiding technical or non-technical tours. Selling his flat in Skopje and bringing his city life to an end, he deployed himself into the wilderness of the mountains, founding this concept of life and lifestyle.
Dimi knows nothing less than every single corner of the vast mountain ranges around, during snow or summer time. He has established many multi day expeditions that are wandering through Shar Mountains, Korab and Deshat mountain massif as well as Bistra mountain range.
Working along with a small but super efficient team of hand picked guides, Ski Hut Gorica and Dimitar are the choice for one to have the best adventure possible - guided or self-tailored.
Dimitar is mountain guide certified by the UIAA and UIMLA standards, and he is one of the oficial mountain guides of Mavrovo National Park. He forged himself and his skills going alone or with small selected crew exploring the west macedonian mountain ranges, winter and summer, conducting and experiencing many raw and uncharted adventures.
One should always feel free and ask him anything that he is interested in about the west Macedonian mountain range.


Welcome to our Ski Hut Gorica - the home away from home for all of those who seek the mount Korab adventures, rock climbing in Mavrovo and ski touring trips, logistics and gear in winter. As a mountain lodge we provide bed and breakfast offers or complete adventure packages, tailored in a way that you can focus on your actual adventure, let us take care of the logistics, while you grasp the full enjoyment of the mountain.
Imagine ending your mountain adventure with a beer next to a campfire in our forest backyard, re-experiencing your adventures of the day once more, meeting like minded people and exchanging experiences about your recent mountain thrill, accompanied by good vine or cold local beer.

Ski Hut Gorica is not just a regular hostel, indeed is a hut with its own small community of friends and team. The main goal is to provide authentic custom outdoor tours that combine the outdoor activities such as skiing, climbing and hiking with a local cultural and gastronomic experience.
To express it more vividly, Dimi and his team are like long term friends that you have visited and they will always, no exceptions, give their best to ensure that you will have the best and most authentic experience together.
This crew is fueled by the hunger for great adventures, joyful vibes and forging the best memories. They don't have just the earning in focus but indeed the experience.

Cheers !


Ski Hut Gorica works as a hostel / lodge concept as well as outdoor adventure packages concept. We provide accomodation, local food and services to our honorable guests but besides that we also provide every single client with a FREE self guided tours and info, To-Do's and latest up t date information for the region and any kind of logistical assistance.

Enjoy highest level hygiene, always freshly made and clean beds, fresh linens, warmth and comfort for true value of your money.
Would you like us to recommend and book restaurant by your taste ?
Wandering and getting stuck somewhere on the internet looking for public transport info? - let us know, we can make a few phone calls while you sink your sight into the beautiful panorama of Mavrovo lake. Providing comfort and rest on your holiday is our cause, making people happy and feeling good brings good karma.



As a Ski Hut and mountain guiding service provider, we offer multiple day experiences including accommodation, transport, organized adventures, mountain guides and gear. Offering several options from long weekend packages to full 10 days holiday programs we are intending to have something that will fit different lifestyles. You need a short break from your weakly overbooked schedule?
We have something for you to enjoy, revive your soul and get back fully restored to your professional tasks. On other hand if you are looking for a longer vacation, an active retreat we can offer you 7 - 10 packages that will reveal you truly authentic experience. Come as a client leave as friend, while good memories will remain forever. Give as a call we will always tailor your dream adventure with pleasure!