Our Hut is a perfect choice for every adventure spirit into the outdoors, solo or teamed up.
At Ski Hut Gorica you will feel at home, very cozy and welcomed as well as enjoy full freedom and peace.
The building is a big, four-story mountain lodge settled on the East face of the Mavrovian mountain slopes at 1300masl above the Mavrovo lake.


Lounge area

Usually the place where you will get a welcome drink from us! Located on the 1st floor, the lounge area is a place where all the adventures of the day can be exchanged and re-experienced over a cup of tea, cocoa or delicious Macedonian wine. Decorated in the style of a mountain Hut, the lounge area features a fireplace, 50’’SmartTv with Netflix and Youtube, as well as a staff kitchen (from where we serve you your breakfast or beverages) and a big lakeview balcony for enjoying the summer and winter fairytale landscape. It also offers a big and comfy sitting area and plenty of sitting possibilities, board games and playing cards, a small library with climbing guidebooks, ski books and other topics. Whenever you feel like leaving your private room and sharing the space with others, the lounge area will guarantee you a warm and comfy place!

Staff Kitchen

As a separated part of the Lounge area, the staff kitchen is here for your convenience - to serve you with beverages, refreshments, snacks, breakfast or dinner. The breakfast and dinner must be reserved beforehand to ensure that they are available for the period of your stay. Please check with the staff for the best recommendations, always seasonal as well as top-notch creative and delicious food choices. Likewise, we are vegetarian and vegan friendly!

Guest Kitchen

If you prefer to do your own cooking, we have a fully equipped guest kitchen ready for you to use. Located on the ground floor of the building, the guest kitchen can be found below the Lounge area. It features both a dining area and cooking counter, with an outside sitting area for the summer season. The kitchen is fully equipped with fridge and freezer, all kitchen accessories, as dishes, cooking ware, cutlery and tools, teapots and a gas powered stove. All in all, you will find everything you need for your feast and joyful time after a thrilling day of mountain adventures.

Front Terrace

Enjoy your warm summer days with a good book and self-made breakfast on the front terrace on the ground floor. Located in front of the guest kitchen and including our small garden, the terrace offers several sitting areas. This is one of the best places around the Hut to have a morning sunbath!

Bath and Toilets

Although we are not a luxury facility, in our Hut we offer 2 superfunctional shared bathrooms with showers providing you 24x7 hot water from a tankless on-demand water heater. Due to our hygiene standard, we clean the bathrooms on a daily basis. The bathrooms are equipped with all the essentials - toilet paper, hand soap, occasionally shampoo and shower gel, hand towels and lastly shower towels on demand.

Backyard terrace and BBQ

Especially reserved for the chilly nights during the summer season, we have a fireplace plus BBQ utensils ready on the backyard terrace. It is this simple: (1) Have your adventure of the day and (2) on your way back to the Hut just stop by the local grocery shops - here you will find the best cheese in Macedonia, excellent local wine and some high quality sausages (pork or beef). (3) Bring them along, (4) carve your branch for the roast and (5) enjoy your night with your friends or other guests of the Hut.
Frequently we have outside movie screenings on our cinema nights. Make sure you check this out with the staff because it will be a pity if you miss it!

Slackline park

Having a rest day, is there any better opportunity than to try the slackline park?! Challenge your balance, focus and subconscious intuition, breathe and enjoy the slacklines and chill area in the forest behind our house. If you are a first timer, feel free to ask us for some tips. Before you know it, you will have slacklining in your life!

The Yoga Platform

Last but not least, and certainly the cherry on the top (our actual top) is the 60+m2 yoga platform - crafted by a friend’s hand from massive wood into the steep slope of the mountain that the Hut is sitting on.
From the platform one has an infinity-like feeling and perspective looking over the Hut towards the Mavrovo lake and the surrounding area. This view will definitely spice up your yoga practice, meditation or chill-out time. Staff recommendation: Don't miss this one!